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Our Vision, Aims & Values

At Benhall, we want to inspire and empower pupils to unlock their fullest potential, fostering academic, social and personal growth. Our intent is clear, Be the best you can be. This powerful statement embodies our commitment to having high aspirations for the pupils of Benhall St Mary. This was inspired by the verse, 

Let your light shine before others; that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

Matthew 5:16

Our ethos is underpinned, by our core values: Kindness, Respect, Friendship, Resilience and Forgiveness.

At Benhall St Mary’s, everything we do is aimed at developing our children as kind and resilient global citizens who will make a positive impact on the world.

Our school is grounded by our Christian faith which inspires our learning, wellbeing and togetherness. 

Our mission, as a Church of England School, is to provide an education that gives all pupils the opportunity to develop within a happy, caring and safe environment grounded upon the values of the Christian faith. 

We expect our Christian school family to be ready to learn, respectful to all and safe. The children all know that they wish each other to be ready, respectful and safe. At Benhall St Mary’s, everything we do is aimed at developing our children as kind and resilient global citizens who will make a positive impact on the world. 

Our curriculum learning environment provides equity for all our learners to develop sharp minds yet kind hearts and healthy bodies. 

We meet as a school everyday for Collective Worship. Our Ethos Members take an active role in welcoming and supporting in assembly. 

Our school aims are:

  • To provide every child with a sense of belonging through positive, nurturing relationships

  • To have children leave Benhall with a strong sense of self, who are able to communicate effectively and are caring towards their world and its people globally and locally

  • To enable every child to reach their full potential through providing them with high quality teaching and learning experiences

  • To equip every child with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the 21st Century

  • A robust R.E. and PSHE curriculum which promotes tolerance and celebrates diversity

  • To teach the children to value and respect their environment both locally and globally

  • To promote global citizenship through placing a high emphasis on tolerance and respect of all cultures and people

  • For Benhall St Mary’s CEVC Primary School to be at the centre of its community - providing support to our families and having a relationship of mutual benefit with the village

  • For Benhall St Mary’s Primary School to be a great place to work where employee development and wellbeing is highly valued

Our Core Values


Kindness thrives within the walls of Benhall St Mary's Primary School. From cheerful greetings in the morning to collaborative classroom activities, the spirit of kindness is woven into the fabric of daily life. Students and staff embrace the ethos of kindness creating a nurturing environment where gestures of empathy and support ripple through the school, fostering a sense of community and warmth.


From attentive listening in the classroom to the consideration shown on the playground, our school community cultivates an atmosphere where respect is a way of life. Our students learn the importance of treating others with dignity and creating an inclusive environment for everyone.


Students forge lasting connections through shared experiences, working together and acts of kindness. The school's nurturing environment fosters a sense of belonging, encouraging children to support one another, celebrate differences and build meaningful friendships.


Students are encouraged to face challenges with determination and perseverance. Through a supportive learning environment, pupils develop the strength to navigate setbacks, learn from mistakes and emerge stronger. The school community equips students with the resilience to overcome obstacles, fostering a spirit of growth and adaptability that prepares them for the journey ahead.


Students learn the transformative power of forgiveness, both in their interactions with peers and within themselves. The school nurtures and environment where conflicts are resolved with empathy, fostering a sense of healing and unity. Our commitment to forgiveness helps to create a harmonious atmosphere that values redemption, personal growth, and the building of strong, supportive relationships.

Key to our educational philosophy is the triangulation between school, home and child. We are committed to encouraging parental involvement throughout every child’s time with us and recognise that supportive relationships between school and home make a huge difference to a child’s learning experience.