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Eaton Vale- Day 2

Our second day at Eaton Vale began with bacon sandwiches for breakfast, setting us up for a busy day. We then split into our two groups for various activities.

The first group started with archery, where they practised their aiming and shooting skills. They then moved on to the trapeze, testing their courage as they swung through the air. Canoeing offered a peaceful change of pace before the day ended with the cave bus.

The second group began their day with an obstacle course that required teamwork and determination. Following this, they tried archery and then tackled the trapeze, experiencing the same physical and mental challenges as the first group. Canoeing provided a relaxing end to an active day.

In the evening, we had sausage and mash for dinner. We then had a quiz that tested our knowledge and brought some friendly competition. The day ended with a celebration for Miss Pain's birthday, complete with a cake and a round of "Happy Birthday."