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Eaton Vale- Day 1

Our first day at Eaton Vale was packed with excitement!

After arriving, we met some of our instructors and played some team-building games before enjoying our packed lunch.

After lunch, we split into groups and one group started with backwoods cooking, learning essential survival skills and baking bread over a fire. They then tackled the climbing challenge, showcasing one of the school's core values - resilience. After that, they navigated through an obstacle course, working together to overcome various physical challenges.

The other group began their experience with the cave bus, an experience that can only be explained with pictures! They then enjoyed backwoods cooking, followed by the climbing challenge, where they showcased bravery and perseverance.

For dinner, everyone enjoyed a meal of chicken pasta bake, followed by a dessert of chocolate cake and ice cream.

After dinner, we enjoyed the evening activity- Eggbert's Escapades! Pupils had to work in teams to earn resources that would stop an egg from cracking at different heights.

For more pictures, please head to the photo gallery!