Family Support


Parental Support

There are ways in which you can support the school; by giving time to hear children read, by assisting in the library or accompanying children on educational visits.  Parents are encouraged to come into school and share their interests and skills with us.  All parental help is warmly welcomed. If you feel you have a particular skill which you would want to share, please talk to your child’s teacher. 

Early Help  - our Benhall offer consists of support via the Headteacher where she will apply to the Early Help Team for home advice and support where appropriate. If you would like some additional support the Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership website offers lots of useful information and links

You can also speak to your child's class teacher, Mr Williams, Mr Millican, Mrs Nash, Miss Flowers, Mrs Chilvers or Mrs Coker who will all be able to offer help and support. 


Parent / Pupil Learning Conferences

Parents are invited to come and discuss their children’s progress with members of staff in the Autumn and Spring term.  These conferences are an invaluable opportunity where parents can share in the celebration of their child’s achievements and discuss the next steps in their learning journey.  An information report is sent home to all parents prior to the parent conference each term. 

Medicines at School

 Please see our Medicines in School Policy for further information


Complaints Procedure

The children's health, safety and welfare at the heart of all we do.  From time to time however, it is possible that you feel we haven't lived up to your expectations.    In the first instance all concerns should be discussed with the class teacher.   We have a comprehensive complaints procedure which can be accessed on our policy page.  Please do refer to this.