Parents Questions

Oct 2020

Q – Can the children bring a change of footwear for the daily mile?

A – Of course. Children may bring in spare shoes (which stay in school) for the mile, sometimes we do not have time to change, but if it is really muddy we do encourage it. Please note that children are also encouraged to bring in slippers to wear in the classroom.

Sept 2020

Q – Do I need to wear a mask on the school site?

A – Yes please! It is good for children to see wearing a mask as ‘normal’ at the moment and it protects teachers, staff, children and other parents that you might be chatting with. Thank you.

Sept 2020

Q – I’m struggling with understanding the grammar terminology in Year 6, what can I use to help?

A – It’s not unusual to find this area of the Year 6 curriculum daunting…we all do. We have added some resources to the home learning section of the website to help you.

Sept 2020

Q – My child is off school self-isolating, how do they access learning?

A – When a child is asked to self-isolate their teacher will be informed. At that point activities will be added to their Google Classroom. If you are unsure how to log in, please contact the office and we shall give you the information you need. In the event that a whole bubble needs to self-isolate, the teacher will be available online to help the children with their learning and give regular feedback.

Sept 2020

Q – What do I do if we arrive at school late?

A – Please come to the front entrance and phone through. Someone will come to open the gates and welcome the children to school.

Sept 2020

Q – My child is getting chapped hands due to all the hand washing, can I provide them with a gentler soap?

A – Of course! Unfortunately we cannot reduce the amount of handwashing as it is recommended by the government and Public Health England (PHE), but we recognise that this can cause sore skin. Why not fill a small, ‘key ring’ bottle with a sensitive alternative. Your child can clip it to their belt hoops and use that instead.

Sept 2020

Q – When are you likely to open up breakfast and afternoon clubs again?

A – Unfortunately this is really tricky at the moment. We are trying hard not to mix bubbles in school and due to removing unnecessary furniture in classrooms to make distancing easier, the school hall is currently a store room and is out of action. Pre-School has previously run clubs as well, these are nothing to do with Benhall Primary School. Our understanding is that at this time they are not running them either. We shall review this on a termly basis. Please contact Pre-School if you have any questions regarding their current club policy.

Sept 2020

Q – What are the current school times and when will they revert to normal?

A – Oaks and Woodlands start at 8:50 and finish at 3:00, Squirrels and Acorns start at 9:00 and finish at 3:10. We have been advised by the government to have staggered starts and end of days to reduce the number of people on site at any one time. There are currently no plans in place to change this back.

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