National Curriculum

National Curriculum

The National Curriculum, provides pupils with an introduction to the core knowledge that they need to be educated citizens. It aims to embed high standards and create coherence in what is taught in schools nationally.  As well as ensuring that all children are taught the essential knowledge in the key subject disciplines, with ambitious expectations of learning. It is designed to provide children with the essential knowledge, skills and understanding that they require as citizens of Great Britain.

In addition, the National Curriculum provides statutory programmes of study for each subject, stating which content which should be taught to pupils in each stage of learning.

The national curriculum is organised into blocks of years called ‘key stages’ (KS).

Key Stage 1 5 - 7 year olds Year groups 1 and 2
Key Stage 2 7 - 11 year olds Year groups 3, 4, 5 and 6

At the end of each key stage, the children are formally assessed through national standardised tests. These include:

Phonics Screen Year 1
Key Stage 1 Year 2
Multiplication tables check Year 4
Key STage 2 Year 6

National Curriculum Guides

Year 1 l Year 2 l Year 3 l Year 4 l Year 5 l Year 6

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