All Shall Be Well

Covid Lockdown 2020-2021

Over the last year, things have been really tough. We have been worried, scared, missed our friends and wider family and not known what was happening from one week to the next. Some of us have known great sadness. You have had to be resilient, strong, patient and you have had to adapt quickly. You have all been exceptionally brave.
You shall have so much to tell your children and grandchildren about these very strange times. And you shall laugh when the pandemic is being taught in schools in years to come when you are old and grey.
Thank you for all you have done over the last year. For your hard work and bravery. We wanted you to have a small gift to remember these times and to cuddle if you are feeling anxious.
In the words of Julian of Norwich…

Julian of Norwich

Julian of Norwich was born in 1342.

Julian had the most amazing dreams! She dreamed all about the love of God. God spoke to her so vividly that she decided that she should write it all down for others to read and take comfort in. But Julian didn’t know how to write. During this time only rich people could write, and very few women. As a woman from a poor home – of course she couldn’t write!

Julian, being the person she was, wasn’t going to let a small thing like not being able to write stop her. She decided to learn to write and she asked a priest from a local church to help.

She soon began to write down her dreams and their meanings. It took her years. No computers, not even typewriters, no pens either – just a quill feather and ink. What a messy job it was!

20 years later – yes, 20 years later – she finished. She had written the very first book in the English language to be written by a woman. It’s still available today, and it’s called Revelations of Divine Love.

Julian’s dreams and thoughts became very famous and are still a comfort for those that read them today.
Just like us now, Julian was worried about the things going on in her world – there was plague, there was war, England was in a mess. It felt like everything was very bad. When she spoke to God about it, God replied, ‘All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well’

All shall be well.

Heavenly Father,
thank you that you have promised that all will be well.
When life is hard, help us to remember that promise.

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