School Council


Children are elected by their fellow classmates to represent the views of the pupils. Meetings are held on a regular basis together with senior teachers. This gives the pupils their say in how the school is run. Recently the school council has contributed to a number of projects including:

  • Purchasing the adventure play equipment
  • Paying for door painting
  • Introducing class names

“I think it’s good for children to be involved in the decision process, like buying the play equipment”
Sandra, Teaching assistant.

These children are currently our school councillors:

Charlie - "I'm a good school councilor because I'll get you what you want"

Jessica - "I'm lucky to be on the school council because not everyone gets to do it. I enjoy school council, the meetings are fun"

Keisha - "I like being on the school council because I can help make everybody happy"

George - "I'm school council because I got voted in. Since I've been a councilor I've made sure we recycle paper in all classrooms"

Benhall St. Mary's CofE Primary School
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Headteacher: Mrs Julia Bowles

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